Level 10 Life Designer for Notion

Juhi Chitra
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Level 10 Life is a bullet journal system for evaluating, planning and upgrading your life with a holistic view. But leveling up your life isn't a one-and-done destination, it's an approach for continuous growth with a positive mindset. I've been using this method and experimenting with different forms for over 5 years now.

This current Notion layout has evolved over a year of regular use, and it has helped me:

  • design my life with a bird's view of every area

  • keep next tasks from across life-areas at the top of my mind,

  • align my growth efforts with the larger meaning I derive from life,

  • be consistently grateful for the good parts of life while improving others,

  • have a clear one-page view of everything I want next out of life and what I can do to get there, and

  • be able to see progress as it happens, which acts as motivation to keep going

Since I've given a lot of thought to what makes for a good 'level 10' life, I've included some generic, top-level, unchanging goals under each aspect to get you started.

if you use it and find it helpful, I would love to know. See all the resources I make at juhi.co/downloads.

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Level 10 Life Designer for Notion

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